Sugar Daddy and Gumbo Roux recorded a demo of "Inflation" in 1975 at a famous studio in New Orleans called Sea-Saint Studios

The demo, however, was never released. The band broke up and the song disappeared. Until 2021, enter ...

Planet Money Records

We want to release "Inflation" to the world. And now, we have to figure out how exactly to do that.

  • What goes into making a record label?

  • How record deals work?

  • and why the industry can be so fraught with tension between artists?

Spoilers, we put "Inflation" out, in the hopes of making it into a hit.

Do you feel like social media is taking over your life?

Experts agree that social media works like a drug, with likes and comments providing the same dopamine spikes as cigarettes or other addictive substances.

Social media addiction is a psychological disorder that can be characterized by excessive or compulsive use of online social networks. It often leads to an inability to perform daily tasks, poor work performance, and withdrawal symptoms such as mood swings and depression when the individual tries to quit.

“Life Beyond the Touch Screen” is a meditational booklet designed to increase our consciousness around the impact of digital technology on our lives as individuals, in organizations and society.

A reminder to choose.

Take back your energy, focus, and time: get your copy now.

Can AI writing be detected?

The truth is that the distinction between “written by an AI” and “written by a human” isn’t always so straightforward. If AI generates the first draft of a piece, and then a human heavily edits it later, inserting new information and replacing automatically generated quotes, should that be considered “AI content”? What about a piece initially drafted by a human, and then edited with AI? (read more)

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